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Hey there Nashville!

Do you need a Tech Hero?

  • Are you or your business having issues with your computers, cameras, servers or internet?
  • Do you need help finding the right tools for managing the online and cloud aspects of your business, such as your website or email?
  • Have you ever wondered how vulnerable your systems and employees are to phishing attacks and ransomware?
  • Wouldn’t you want to make sure you can recover your data if it is stolen from you or something happens to it?

We can help!

If any of these things sound familiar to you, then you could use a Tech Hero! Based locally here in Nashville, we offer a wide array of services, allowing us to tailor our solutions to each customer individually.

Whether it’s our flat-rated on-site and remote support from friendly, experienced technicians that won’t break the bank, or our quick access to all the equipment, software, or licenses a small or medium sized business could ever need… Tech Hero has a solution for you!

For you business owners:

Want better monthly pricing and deals for things like Office 365 and Dropbox licenses? We can help with that!

Want to make sure you don’t sit on the phone with Comcast when the internet suddenly goes out and your business is offline in the meantime? We can get rid of both of those problems for you!

  • According to a report by Keeper Security (2021), 66% of all small and medium-sized businesses in the US were the target of cyber-attacks.
  • Did you know that the average cost of a cyber-attack for a small business is roughly $200,000?
  • The most common cyber-attack against businesses are phishing attempts where hackers use emails and social-media messages designed around human psychology to target your employees on their home and work computers and gain access to your internal network!

The hackers WILL come…

How prepared will you and your employees be when they do? Let us help to secure your internal and external networks and train your employees on what to look out for and what not to do on systems they plan to use at the office!

And for those of you reading that and thinking:

Yeah well, I wish I had known that before I got hacked…

Don’t worry!

Let us help you salvage your business, and afterwards lets work together to make sure it never happens again!

This page would go on forever if we listed all the different ways a Tech Hero can support you or your business…

Instead, if you think you or someone you know might need a Tech Hero, give us call or shoot us a text at our (615) 623-9922 number. You can also reach us by email at [email protected]

When our phone lines are all occupied, we may not be able to answer the call right away, so please leave a message or text us so we can get back to you ASAP!

Lets work together to find exactly the right solutions for you!

Nashville Service Areas2023-05-10T18:05:43+00:00

Downtown Nashville – 37201

Music Row – 37203

The Gulch – 37201

12 South – 37204

Green Hills – 37215

Brentwood – 37027, 37220

Franklin – 37064, 37067, 37069

Germantown – 37208

The Nations – 37209

Vanderbilt – 37212

Briley Parkway – 37210, 37217

Donelson – 37214

Inglewood – 37216

Belle Meade – 37215

Bordeaux – 37218

Central Business District – 37219

Oak Hill – 37220

Bellevue – 37221

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